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At Welcome Home Properties, we’re dedicated to providing first-class property management services to Faulkner and Conway Counties. We do the work for you so you can enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the hassle of day-to-day demands.

The hand of a man wearing a suit drops a single silver key into another outstretched hand of a man wearing a blue and white pinstriped shirt. On the desk between them is a clipboard, a contract, and a stack of hundred dollar bills.

Meet The Team

George Heintzen III

George Heintzen III has been working in real estate in Faulkner County since 1994. He started as an assistant to the late Lanny Grissom, earned his real estate license in 1999, and his broker’s license in 2008. His real estate background consists of residential and commercial property management, new construction, corporate relocation, and existing homes. He purchased Welcome Home Properties back in July 2016 and has grown it by building lasting relationships in the local community. He has lived in Conway since 1992 and has loved starting his family here. 

Tina Woodman

Tina Woodman has been in management for most of her career. Most recently, she has been in property management for the past 4 years. Presently, her duties include showing properties to prospective tenants, managing move-out and move-in maintenance, assuring that the leasing process goes smoothly, and reviewing applications for approval.

A line of brand new apartment complexes. The buildings are three stories tall. The first floor is made of brown stone and the others of a pale yellow/green siding. Only one car sits in the newly paved parking lot.

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We want you to love property ownership. We offer around-the-clock availability for emergency calls, so you’ll never have to deal with the inconvenience of property-related mishaps again.

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